Apples for Apples. Is your project unique?

Apples for Apples. I can wholeheartedly say in our 20 years in business no two projects are the same.

Each business, organisation and each project is inherently unique and rightfully focus on different issues, unique objectives and motivations. When it comes to digital projects it's critical that rather than going with a ‘prescribed’ or standard approach by trying to fit your project into a box, you instead give them the attention they deserve.

Engage with businesses that use broad skills and experience to take the time to assess your individual needs and adapt a solution that will work best, one that is just for you. Talking and being willing to go one step deeper you can discover aspects that no longer serve you or opportunities that were previously unseen. In turn, providing freedom for you to create solutions that take you towards your goals and gain what I'll coin... "commercial wellbeing".

While out of the box templates certainly serve their purpose in some cases, I admit. It's the greatest disappointment when I see businesses who are presented with both options, but go down that path, knowing that they will find themselves in 12 months, regretting the decisions they made today.