Common pitfalls in web design projects & how to avoid them

Let’s face it – nobody begins their web design project expecting it to turn into a nightmare. Most of the potential headaches can be avoided in the first place by working with the right experienced web design agency, but it’s also important to know and understand where the most common problems can originate from so you can recognise any red flags. Here are the most common pitfalls for web design projects, and more importantly – how to avoid them!



Pitfall #1: Failure to plan

If your web design agency isn’t sitting down with you and asking you detailed questions about your target audience and objectives, then the web design process is highly unlikely to result in a website that will engage your customers and scale with your brand. If you come across poor briefing or planning practices, then there’s a simple solution: run while you still can! It’s important to only engage with a web design team that not only has a proven methodology for delivering successful projects, but also takes the time to develop a tailored plan for yours.

Pitfall #2: Poor project management

So much of the success of web design projects comes down to good communication, and this comes from both sides. A reputable web design agency should be providing regular project updates via a dedicated project manager. It’s also important that you choose the right person within your own team to manage the web design project from within your organisation. This internal project manager will ideally have the time to dedicate to the project, be able to access or manage important assets such as logos and images, and be engaged with senior management for important matters.

Pitfall #3: Design by committee

This relates directly to the point above, but it’s also worth mentioning as its own potential pitfall. When there are five or ten people providing feedback and going back and forth on strategy, then overall objectives and vision can quickly get lost somewhere in the endless emails. While it can be absolutely important to get everyone’s opinions at the right time, having one thoughtfully-selected person driving strategy and communicating with your web design agency will lead to far better results.

Pitfall #3: Delays in feedback

Building web projects is a process, and feedback is an essential part of ensuring the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. Delays in providing feedback can be common – after all, people have businesses to run – but maintaining momentum is key in being able to launch that brilliant new website on time. Take enough time to carefully consider design choices, but also aim to provide timely responses from within the organisation.

Pitfall #4: Budget blow-outs

Any web design agency worth their salt will be able to provide accurate cost estimates based on their previous experience in building sites, and should also be flagging any budget considerations before they become bigger issues. For example, if the design stage becomes more complex than originally scoped for, your agency should start a conversation with you about this early in the project. Once again, clear communication can ensure a brilliant result, without any shock bills at the end.


An engaging and appealing website can truly make all the difference for your business, and by avoiding these common web project pitfalls you can expect an amazing outcome with a smooth and enjoyable process. Save yourself time, resources and all the common headaches of web design and development by calling BJM Digital at (03) 9421 4747.